Enabling communities to participate in sustainable supply chains

Women working in a cotton mill
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A cotton farmer in his field

Trust architects that are solving the most challenging global problems.

We deliver transparency and security for local trade communities, using modern open standards (VC’s and DID’s) and decentralisation to protect independence and empower trust. We create high-integrity product information that leaves nowhere to hide for unsustainable, unethical or poorly governed practices in the supply chain.

About Us
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The Problem

  • Complex business ecosystem
  • Every business has agency on how / if they respond to ESG requirements
  • People are demanding/expecting organisations and governments to act
  • Every community, ecosystem and business is different from than any other therefore each needs a bespoke solution
  • Technology seems to complicate the problems rather than simplifying
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How We Help

  • Simple, open, aligning technologies
  • Businesses maintain ability to choose if/how they act
  • Stewarding a community where the members benefit from each others knowledge and experience while protecting their organisations and customers
  • Providing simple technical approaches to demonstrating unique values of communities and ecosystems
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Our major activites

United nations flag, a judges gavel and a small statue of Lady Justice

International leadership

International leadership on global standards and protocols. This excerpt needs to be longer to match content length.

Trust Architects meeting at a conference

Building community

Building the community of Trust Architects that enable global collaboration while respecting local community sovereignty.

Trust Architects workshopping supply chain tool development

Developing tools

Developing the tools that Trust Architects use to add value to their communities and businesses fast.

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Project enquiry

The team that is behind UNTP is looking for the most challenging projects to help stretch the protocol and to showcase complex projects to industry and government. If you have a super hard problem get in touch.

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