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Zachary Zeus

Co-Founder/CEO, Pyx Global
CEO & Global Trust Architecture Expert, BizCubed

Zachary Zeus is an accomplished engineer, entrepreneur, CEO, and visionary leader with over two decades of experience architecting solutions at the intersection of business and data. With a background in engineering and an MBA from NYU, Zach combines technical expertise, strategic acumen and a desire to solve societal problems to architect solutions that drive tangible results. He is uniquely positioned to architect trust across supply chains and guide data ecosystem transformation. 

As co-founder and CEO of PyxGlobal, Zach leads a pioneering Australian start-up poised to deliver transparency and security to trade communities and enable verifiable ESG credentials for sustainable supply chains. His contributions as an authorised advisor to the UN on behalf of Australia have positioned PyxGlobal as a leader in shaping global standards, notably influencing initiatives like the UNECE Recommendation 49: Transparency at Scale (UN Transparency Protocol) and UNECE Critical Minerals projects.

Steve Capell

Co-Founder, Pyx Global
Co-Founder, Director Clients & Markets, GoSource

Entrepreneur, CEO, author and global expert in digital trust, Steven Capell is the co-founder of Australian start-up PyxGlobal. As co-founder and Director, Steve has run Canberra-based technology consultancy, GoSource, for more than a decade.

Steve is the lead author and architect of UNECE Recommendation 49: Transparency at Scale (UN Transparency Protocol). He is active in several other UNECE projects including as lead editor of the UNECE Critical Minerals project.

His more than 20 years of experience working at the intersection of technology, trade, government, and international standards means that he's uniquely positioned to architect the open protocols that structurally address the big ESG challenge sfacing governments and industry.

Steve understands the drivers behind successful projects. A frequent presenter at UN and WTO forums, Steve has a deep understanding of architectural frameworks and standards and has a proven ability to apply them to deliver practical solutions.

Chris Gough

Co-Founder, Pyx Global
Co-Founder, Director Capability & Delivery, GoSource

Entrepreneur, Director and global expert in digital trust, Chris Gough is the co-founder ofAustralian start-up PyxGlobal. As co-founder and Director, Chris has runCanberra-based technology consultancy, GoSource, for more than a decade.

Chris is a software developer and a solution architect with an award-winning track record for delivering successful projects.

With 20 years of experience in a variety of development and operational roles, Chris is practiced in a range of digital technologies. He possesses a rare combination of strategic thinking, deep technical skill, and a pragmatic ability to execute.

It's refreshing to being working on a traceability project that can actually scale and make a difference

Senior government official

I love this work, it's so obvious once you understand that it's clear that no other model will work.

Executive, community organisation

The technical implementation was so simple as to almost be trivial, we can now add a ton of value to all of our customers.

CTO, as a service software platform

This not only makes my certifications more valuable, it also helps show the way for my entire industry.

CEO, certifying authority

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