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Let’s help your industry ecosystems take advantage of emerging trends in Trust Architecture
Simple Open Tools

VCKit, Digital Link Resolver, Trust Architecture, Digital Product Passport Definitions, Conformity Credential Schema, Traceability Event Schema

Trust Architect Training and Enablement Program

Trust architecture training from the expert team that developed the concept.  Hands on help for issues, and questions.

Proven Experience

National and International program design, Authors of UNTP, UN white paper on CBT, UN CRM.  Leading the international community of Trust Architecture

Our Extend, Govern and Trust Model for UNTP implementations

Concierge email / chat, Bug fixes / technical issues, Testing Services, and Verification Services

Who is this for?


Leverage your current investment

We are not selling blockchain, protocol over platform, take advantage of your GS1 investment
Are you tired of every time there is a new technology innovation or market requirement being inundated with vendors trying to sell you another platform?  Are you concerned about your data being in multiple vendors solutions without the ability to control it?  Are you looking to ensure that you get value out of the technology investments you’ve already made?Pyx Global and the UN Transparency Protocols can help.
Activate the value of your existing tech investment

Plug the UN VCkit (or any other verifiable credential issuer/verifier) into your existing tech ecosystem.

Transparency at scale from within your  systems
Keep your data in your systems, in your control

Only share data with your customers when required and/or when there is commercial value for you to do so.

Explore the ‘value’ boundaries of your existing traceability solution

Identify the core value that your system currently provides and which supply chain actors receive that value.  For supply actors that are outside of the ‘value’ boundary look to receive and share information following UNTP

Supply chain at scale

Are the members of your community wondering how to prepare for a changing world?  Do they wonder what they should be doing now to take advantage of new requirements?  Are they concerned they are going to get left behind?
Let us show you how to help your community to prepare.
Get higher than commodity prices

The approach to ESG reporting by big organisations is to use the industry average to calculate ESG impact → by sharing high quality, verifiable data with your customers they can use real information rather than averages

Reduce cost of preparing for the future

By standardising your supply chain data exchange (by using UNTP - not a new platform) you can help simplify compliance activities for your community.

Lead the change you want to see in the world

When it comes to addressing some of the big issues we’re all facing as a society → we are either in a race to the bottom where there is no value in sustainable value or a race to the top where there is value in doing the right thing. We can choose which of these is true. Let's race.

Help the good actors in your community benefit

As we build a ‘race to the top’ it’s important to highlight the organisations, people and businesses that are doing the right things. By focusing on creating value for these community members we create a reinforcing feedback mechanism where people doing the right thing make more money and win in the marketplace.

Rich Choreography

Lead your category
Does your business have complex manufacturing processes?  Are you a vertically integrated business?  Do you want to do a better job of mapping the inputs to your value chain to the products that you are offering the market?  Do you want to align ESG activities to your core business operations?
Simplify traceability of your Vertical Supply Chain with a Trust Architecture

Due diligence requirements for large organisations are critical (up to 4% of global revenue penalties) - even more so if organisations own the upstream supplier or have different standards for internally owned suppliers vs external

Map the the ESG of your procurement to the products you offer

Your customers are looking for you to provide detailed Scope 3 emissions and other supply chain due diligence information to them.  Let us help you provide your customers verifiable information about the great work you do.

Outcompete by leveraging the future of global commerce by early adoption of UNTP

The world is changing fast and there are increasing demands and also significant opportunities for firms on the front foot.  We’ll help your organisation be the first to capitalise on the changes

Community of Trust Architects

Connect with others in the Trust Market community
Learn how to implement UNTP

We’ll provide how to’s, Q&A’s, and other people that are on the same journey you’re on.

Learn from others, teach what you know

The old adage ‘it takes a village to…’ is about teaching what you know and learning from those around you. Join our community to be part of the global village that is learning how to architect trust into global trade.

Join other like-minded people

The Trust Architecture community will grow and evolve as people join and work collaboratively to make global supply chains more resilient and responsive to the needs of our communities.

Get tools to help you be successful faster

Pyx Global is on a mission to help the trust architecture community be successful. Your success is our success which is why we’re building tools to help you on your journey of helping your community and/or business be successful fast

Who is this for?

Trust Architects

Connect with other people in the Trust Architecture community

Join our community

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